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Top Tips for Healthy Skin in Your 20’s


Although your skin in your twenties might be glowy, smooth, and perfect, it’s important to maintain that heathy skin complexion with these tips. We’ve all had our downfalls of coming home from a long night and falling asleep with our makeup on, sunbathing our precious skin in the sun without SPF, and of course, using the wrong products. Here are the top 10 tips to prevent, nourish, and protect your skin!




We all love it and crave it, but sugar does more damage to your skin than you think. Having too much sugar reduces skins collagen. Skin collagen is important for your skin’s tone and structure, and you must have a lot of it in order to have flawless skin.



Start Using Headphones

If you are one to spend hours on the phone, or constantly use your cellphone to make phone calls, you are causing more damage to your skin than you think. By spending several hours on your phone and keeping your phone against your check, you will be increasing your chances of having rashes and breakouts along your cheek and jawline. Use headphones instead of putting the phone against your face. Don’t take the chance.



Leave Your Pimples ALONE!

I know, I know. It can be super tempting to pop your pimples when you see them. We are all guilty of doing it, but you need to try to make an effort to stop. The reasoning behind this is because your fingers may have traces of oil and bacteria, which can only make the pimple worse, when you’re touching your face. Also, popping a pimple can cause the pore to get bigger, and then cause acne scars that are even harder to get rid of.



Cleansing The Skin

Using a cleanser that fits your skin type on a daily basis is one of the best things you can do for your skin right now. If you are one who struggles with acne, this is the number one step above all to remove excess dirt and oil that can also cause blackheads. Cleansing your skin before bed is crucial because this is when your skin regenerates and it needs the cleanest surface possible.



Take a Break From Makeup

Pick one day a week that you don’t wear makeup and give your skin a break to breath. Wearing makeup everyday will increase your chances of having clogged pores and acne.




This is a big one. Keep your makeup separate from your friends. Sharing is not always caring; sharing makeup increases your chance of new bacteria and breakouts. Also, using all natural products makes a difference as well!



Eat Regularly

Eating the right foods regularly is so important for your skin’s health. Skipping meals is not good for your health or your skin. Your body needs nourishment, and the right type of foods can make such a difference in your skin.



Cocktails and Coffee

We love both. Your twenties consist of these two a lot, but try and think about the damage. Too much coffee and alcohol will dehydrate the skin and cause dull and dry skin. If you can’t live with out your daily cup or happy hour glass, then use a heavy night cream and hydrating daily moisturizer.



Work Out and Glow

This is also a tough one, but it makes such a difference in your skin! If you want toned skin, working out is that way to achieve that. Blood flow and nourished skin cells are purely from exercising. After just a week of regular exercise you will see a difference in your skin.




Saved the best for last. Water is so crucial for overall healthy skin. Drinking at least eight glasses a day will improve dark circles, dull skin, dry patches, and reduction of acne. Water helps the body flush out toxins and improves your skin’s overall health.



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