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 Whether you are face masking it cause you have an event coming up or you just want a little extra pampering I have a tip that will change your life in the face masking world!


There are honestly hundreds of face masks that its tough enough just picking the right one for your skin type and then let alone understanding exactly what skin type you have. Since I have a literal problem….literally I impulsively buy everything when it comes to beauty products, I have a wide selection of different masks for different skin types.


I have combination skin so I am really oily on my T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and extra dry on the sides of my mouth and normal on my cheeks. So as you can tell I have a lot going on with my skin…so I started “multi-masking.” A friend recommended the multi-masking technique to me and ever since I do this once a week and have seen such an improvement in my skin.

Basically you just apply the type of mask that will benefit that specific area so your part of your skin is getting the right type of care and treatment it needs.



Forehead/Chin/Nose : Origins Charcoal Mask Clear Improvement

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.07.52 AM


Sides of Mouth : GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Mask

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.04.26 AM


Cheeks : Boscia Bright White Mask

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.14.59 AM


TIP: I have a lot of face masks that are packaged in jars, so to be sanitary I use a clean foundation paddle brush to apply. This helps to control how much product is being used and makes it easier to apply to a concentrated area.

Let me know if you have an tips or have tried any different products that work well for multi-masking!

Xo B.Lo

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