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Colored Mascara


Colored mascara can look amazing or go very bad very easily. Depending on your eyeshade and color as well as your type of beauty and makeup style I have a couple ways to try colored mascara to fit you best.



Putting black mascara on top and colored on your lower lashes adds a bit more of a pop. Especially if your not an eyeshadow kind of gal this is a perfect solution to adding more color. This is still subtle and great for if your just starting to play with colored mascara. I love using a cobalt blue on my bottom lashes because it color tones tend to make your eyes look whiter and brighter.


This is really simple to achieve and also really fun for a more colorful look! I use black mascara and apply it normally then, apply a colored mascara just to the tips. I suggest to pick a color that compliments your eye color so for example using a purple if you have hazel or brown eyes.


This is my go to for the ultimate mascara facelift! I do 2 or 3 coats for black mascara and one coat of colored mascara it adds so much pop to your lashes and will certainly make people do a double take. Is it black mascara? Is it colored mascara? Its both 😉

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Xo B.Lo

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