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Which Scrub To Choose!?!


It can be hard enough understanding your skin type but also picking the right products for your skin type. I have created a master list for what type of scrub you need based on your skin type and why.



SUGAR SUGAR! If you suffer from dry skin sugar is the answer my friends seriously. Sugar is a humectant which helps to moisturize your skin. Sugar also has a glycol acid to make you skins deeper layer thicker.


Stay away from any rough scrubs like walnut or apricot scrubs beaches they can cause premature aging and can easily irritate your skin. Using a scrub thats fragrance free as well as paperiness free and hypoallergenic is the way to go. A rice bran scrub is a good alternative and probably the best choice.


Oily skin can be tough when it comes to scrubs but I have found a really good solution that can be made at home and is super affordable. Mix together egg whites and sea salt together to create a a perfect scrub for oily skin. The egg whites remove excess oil and sebum which help prevents pimples and acne.


We’ve all been there and now its time to fix it. Oatmeal scrub is really good for sensitive and damaged or irritated skin. Oatmeal will also get rid of the itchiness and you’ll be ready for another tanning sesh. in no time.


If you suffer from saggy skin or cellulite then a coffee scrub is the way to go. I love franks coffee scrub it smells really good and does the job! Coffee scrubs help increase circulation and your skin will be more toned.


Xo B.Lo

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