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A Linkage Between Acne And Skin Cancer


I came across an article the other day that talked about the link between acne and cancer. With so many articles about different foods, products, etc. that can cause cancer I am usually pretty weary of this but since this had to do with a skin condition, I figure it would be worth a second look. There have been several studies conduct over the last few years that unveil how cancer is correlated to a multitude of things that people encounter or experience.

As if acne wasn’t bad enough already, now there is evidence that people who are prone to getting acne may be more susceptible to developing certain cancers. Acne might be connected to an increased risk of melanoma and breast cancer. Yikes!

According to the study what was conducted, women who reported a history of severe acne as a teenager were 44% more likely to develop melanoma. That’s really high! In addition, they were 17% more likely to develop breast cancer than those with mild or no acne. The study authors in the journal Cancer explained that the hormones that drive acne and breast cancer may also play a role in mole formation and melanoma development. It has been advised for women with this history to be especially vigilant about breast- and skin-cancer screenings.

While all these facts about acne correlating with cancer are overwhelming, do not self-diagnoise yourself because you’ve had acne in your teenage years. Although I am a little skeptical about the correlation between acne and cancer, I do recommend getting yearly skin-cancer screenings. Often times they are free and only take a few seconds! Who’s with me??

Stay safe, beautiful!

Xo B.Lo

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Article – Allure
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