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4 Must-Dos for Flawless Skin

After coming home from a recent vacation I noticed that my skin had become dry from all of the sun exposure, ugh! But, after using these three little tips my skin was back to good shape in no time. They aren’t complicated at all – just 4 easy steps to flawless skin!

1. Drink Water

Drink up! Try to carry a water bottle wherever you go so you are always drinking. I make sure I always have a water bottle in hand when I leave my apartment and sleep with a full bottle on my night stand. You never want to have a time that you are dying of thirst but have no water to drink! I noticed that I tend to drink more if I have a water bottle rather than a cup of water, and sometimes I add fruit to it for some flavor.

2. Use Coconut Oil

I cook, drink, and moisturize with this stuff. When it comes to putting products on my skin I try to pick ones with the cleanest ingredients. The less you are putting on your skin the better, and the better chance your skin will not react negatively. If you have sensitive skin like me then it’s extra important! Every night before bed apply a layer of coconut oil to your skin. I personally apply coconut oil on both my face and body, but if this doesn’t work for your face, you can use argan oil or a PM moisturizer. This provides a thick layer of hydration and you will wake up with beautiful, soft skin! Tip: Add this to the ends of your hair as well for a nice mask.

3. Morning Moisturizer

Upon waking up apply a layer of moisturizer to your face and body. I do this and allow it to absorb while I get ready so when I put on my clothes none of the moisturizer gets on my clothes. My current go to for an AM moisturizer is Cerave’s AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion for my face and Kiehl’s Creme de Corps body lotion. They provide a super hydrating but light layer of mouisture without the greasy feel.

4. Post-Workout Shower

This one seems self-explanatory but this is a rule of thumb I live by so I will really stress this. We all have busy schedules and adding in a workout class takes a lot of effort, I totally get it. However, when planning your schedule try to go to the gym or workout class when you will be home to shower within one hour. If you have errands to run after the fact then pack up a change of clothes to shower at the gym. If not, make sure you wash off that sweat ASAP. Between sweat and your body oil, it can clog pores which leads to breakouts. Use a body wash and pay extra attention to your shoulders, back, in-between your breasts, booty, face and back of your arms. Or just take a look at where you tend to sweat most after a good workout and make sure to clean those areas well. Getting rid of the sweat and bacteria on your skin minimizes your chances of breaking out. Every time I don’t shower for a few hours after working out I always break out, so prioritize this shower tip and it will prevent you from breaking out too!

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