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Cronut vs. DKA…. What’s the difference?


Over the weekend Beautini had a wedding in SoHo, so I decided to take advantage of the afternoon and visit my FAVORITE bakery in NYC: Dominique Ansel Bakery. This bakery is most well-known for creating the famous cronut, but I am in love with this place because of the DKAs.

Cronut and DKA

Each morning people line up in front of this bakery to wait for their chance to score a cronut, and in the afternoon it’s all about the cookie shots. Naturally, I have gotten both multiple times, but didn’t fall in love with the croissants until this past weekend. For those of you that don’t know, the cronut has the shape of a donut but the consistency of a flaky croissant and has a filling within those layers and icing on top. Each month they change up the menu and swap out the flavors of the cronut, and April was Burnt Vanilla Smoked Caramel. It was packed with just the right amount of vanilla filling, and I just couldn’t bring myself to share with anyone. However, I still am not sure if it beats the DKA…

DKAs (“Dominique’s Kouign Amann”) are circular, croissant-like pastries that are moist in the inside and flaky and crunchy on the outside. Think of it as a buttery croissant with caramelized brown sugar on top. There is a second location that sells the DKAs called the Dominque Ansel Kitchen that I live way too close too, which has become incredibly dangerous…

I hope you make your way to this place the next time you are in SoHo or the West Village because these pastries are enough to satisfy your urge to travel to Paris.

Xo B.Lo

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