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woman in NYC with hair bun and donut

Donut Buns FTW


Donut buns may have been a thing of the past, but who says they can’t make a comeback? This donut bun gives you a quick, easy, and stylish way to go just a bit longer without shampooing your hair. It’s perfect to rock for happy hour after a long day at the office!

Start off by using dry shampoo to create texture – the more, the better! I like to use Karastase Powder Bluff Aerosol Powder-Dry Shampoo. Tie your hair in a messy pony and of course, add the bun donut. You can always leave two pieces of hair out to braid and tie around the base of the bun for a fun extra detail. Make sure you wrap the hair around the donut neatly and evenly before securing the bun. After the bun is secure, wrap the braid around and secure into in place with bobby pins. Tip: Sometimes less is more when it comes to pinning. A good trick is to overlap the bobby pins across each other to keep them from slipping throughout the day.

I personally love a messy look, so feel free to pull some pieces out for added texture. You can also create more height at the top by tugging the hair slightly (it also gives it some more texture). Lastly, top it off with Kérastase Laque Couture Anti-Frizz Hairspray to ensure a soft and strong hold. With this look, no one will be able to guess the last time you washed your hair!

Xo B.Lo

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