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Young woman at Venice Beach eating ice cream in LA

Beachy Braids


Ahhh, my two favorite B’s.. Braids and Beaches! Even better, braids at the beach! Braids are a fun and easy way to keep your hair in check while tanning, and most importantly… out of my ice cream (because by now we all know I love my sweets)!

Let’s face it, beach hair can get a little messy, but that should never stop you from looking your best! I love to use Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray after my “swim” in the ocean (aka a quick dip to wet my hair hehe).

After letting it dry for a bit, I part my hair down the middle and divide into two sections and begin braiding. I love when the hair in my braids looks a little messy and pops out, so I make sure to braid under with each strand of hair to achieve that look.

I hope to see you at the beach this summer!


Xo B.Lo

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