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The Seven Photos that Capture Your Wedding Details


A photographer’s job is to create a narrative of your love story, how it is unique, and how you celebrated finding the one on your wedding day. It is important as a photographer to capture details that are carefully chosen over months to reflect what brings a couple together. Keeping this in mind, we consulted one of our favorite wedding photographers, Andrea Leahy of Brass Tacks Photography to ask for her tips on creating a shot list for your photographer to follow. Here are the seven shots you do not want to miss!


  1. THE DRESS – Lace, Silk, Romantic, Dreamy, Traditional, Classic, Elegant; there are hundreds of words out there to describe a wedding dress but no description can compare to a photograph. Make sure your photographer captures the details of your dress and what made you fall in love with it.
  1. THE GROOM DETAILS – it is easy to get caught up in the beautiful details in the brides accessories, but your gentlemen’s wardrobe took careful planning as well.9
  1. THE BOUQUET – Not only do the bouquets add beautiful details to your wedding narrative, but the bouquet can say a lot about the couple. Is their love delicate and timeless, vibrant and passionate, or deep and sophisticated?7
  1. THE CAKE – Many couples take advantage of their cake to reflect something that they both love. Sometimes it is traditional on the outside but split with their favorite flavors on the inside, or their cake topper gives some insight on what brought them together. Either way, it is always a blast to see what a couple chooses to do with their cake.18
  1. THE RINGS – The rings are a physical reminder of your commitment to one another, what a beautiful thing! Be sure to capture these rings as they were on your wedding day, for they are new just like your marriage. The ring shot is another opportunity your photographer has to creatively share a story about your day or about you as a couple.
  1. THE VENUE – The venue is an important, and often forgotten photo. This is the place that you exchanged and celebrated the most sacred promises you will ever make. Venues change from year to year and wedding to wedding, it is nice to remember the way it was on your Wedding Day.
  1. THE ESCORT CARDS – Another area where couples get creative. Whether the cards go along with your wedding theme or share a little bit about you. It is always fun to remember how you helped your guests find their place in your celebration!13

Andrea Leahy is a Boston-based Wedding Photographer. Her company, Brass Tacks Photography, was given its name based on her strong belief in the little things, and how much they matter; in love, in life, and on your wedding day. You can find her website here or on Instagram at @brasstacksphotography.


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