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How to Achieve the Perfect Beach Waves

At Beautini, we are always looking for new, quality and versatile products to use on clients when styling their hair.  Each client is different, and their hair has individual needs, so when we find a product that works on a variety of hair types, we take note and order a bunch!
One tried and true product that I love using  is “RAKE” Styling Balm by Reverie. Its perfect to use on hair that doesn’t hold a curl. Even still, my hair does hold curls and I still see the benefits of this product. It dirties the hair up just enough to sculpt it and to hold the look, while also lightly conditioning. I used it for the first time this past weekend on myself and I’m sure it wont be the last time! The smell is amazing… almost therapeutic, and did I mention it’s organic?! You seriously cannot go wrong.
The look I was going for this past weekend was beachy waves. Why? It’s the perfect hair for a rainy day since you never have to worry about it getting messed up. And even if it does get messed up it still looks great!
I started with combing my 90% dry hair. I then added the rake product in starting from the ends of the shaft to the middle. I of course fluffed it up a bit and combed it again to make sure the product was evenly distributed. Next, I made sure my hair was completely dry. I used a wet brush and blow dryer brushing my hair while aiming the blow dryer at each section until completely dry.
Here comes the fun part! I used a 1 1/2 inch wand to achieve my beach waves look. Using small sections starting in the back I wrapped my hair around the wand about 4x and held it until my hair felt warm. I did this on each section until all of my hair was curled. I like to shake it out at the end so it doesn’t look too perfect!
Lastly, once I created the beach waves, I made a fishtail braid on each side and then connected them using a few bobby pins. For a more whimsical, softer look try loosing up the braids by tugging them on the sides. I  used a touch of product to keep my baby hairs out of my face and the look was complete!
Check out more of Reverie’s products such as their EVER Recovery Hair Oil on their site or right at Sephora! Now you’ll look and smell wonderful for the day. 🙂
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