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The Perfect Formula for Picking Your Wedding Photos

You found the perfect photographer for your big day, and you’re obsessed with how the pictures turned out… so your work is done, right? Unfortunately not. SO many brides and grooms struggle to cull down the thousands of wedding photos that they end up with after the big day to create a beautiful wedding album! Luckily, our friends at the Album Room shared their tried and true formula for picking the best photos to create the perfect album without getting too overwhelmed.

Most of The Album Room’s clients ask the same important question … “How can I narrow down my 1,000 pictures to only 100?”

This is probably one of the top reasons why couples put off making their wedding album because it can be a daunting task to take on. They’ve found that once you break the day down into sections it becomes a whole lot easier. Here is a cheat sheet to help you simplify the job and if you can consume a glass of wine during the task you may even enjoy the process! Their golden rule is “go with your instinct”… if you love the picture include it, and don’t worry about what other people would do!

2016-05-20 19.31.44_edit


Break down your wedding day into sections. Below is a guide you can use to categorize the day with an approximate recommended count of photos per section. Keep in mind every wedding is unique so your sections may vary, feel free to rearrange/rename.

First page of your album:
1 picture – Set the scene… use a photo of the wedding invitation, your wedding bands, or your physical invitation can be installed in our Art, Styla and Fusion albums.

Bride getting ready:
Around 5-15 pictures (make sure to include special details)


Groom getting ready:
Around 5-10 pictures

2016-05-20 16.26.07_edit

First look (if applies):
Around 3-6 pictures

Bridal party & family portraits:
Around 5-15 pictures (will vary according to size of family and bridal parties)


2016-08-05 15.25.08_edit

The Ceremony:
Around 10-20 pictures (make sure to include special details)

2016-08-09 11.56.27_edit

Couple portraits:
Around 3-10 pictures

2016-08-09 11.57.25_edit

Cocktail hour/ Reception:
Around 10-15 pictures (Be sure to include detail shots – i.e. of your table decorations, cake, food etc…)


First Dance & Parent Dances:
Around 2-6 images

Around 5+ pictures

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.04.27 AM_edit

Party Shots:
Around 10-20+ images (will vary according to size of wedding)

2016-08-09 12.16.55_edit

Cutting the cake:
Around 1-3 pictures


Last page of your album:
1 picture – We love to use one great picture of you two at the end of the night.

2016-08-09 11.54.55_edit

WOW, thank you SO MUCH to the Album Room for all of this incredible advice! I will definitely be sharing these tips with all of Beautini’s Bridal clients.

All images provided by The Album Room.




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