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The Weekly Lo-Down


I hope everyone had a fun weekend! Can you believe that August is almost over?

As you may know, the inaugural season of Coupled finished airing a few weeks ago, and since the finale, I’ve definitely felt the absence of the show. Coupled gave me an outlet to express myself and my thoughts and to relate with other people who were going through a similar life stage, and I really miss that! Even though having your romantic life broadcasted every week to the whole country can be terrifying, for me filming the show was therapeutic (plus I walked left every time…).

All this being said, I’ve decided to create a new blog post series, “The Weekly Lo-Down” where I shed light on what may be going on in my life, the highlights/struggles of being an entrepreneur and a single New Yorker and anything else I may have thoughts on for that week. I am hoping by being transparent and bringing you into my world that we can get to know each other better!

To kick this series off, I thought it would be most appropriate to give you an update on what my life has been like since you last watched me on Coupled. Many of you have reached out asking for updates on my love life, Beautini and much more.

The filming of Coupled was a period where I had the opportunity to focus on only one aspect of my life – dating. In real life when you factor back in the job, friends, family etc., the dating part becomes harder to prioritize. I came back to New York with a large work load, friends wondering where I disappeared to, and a family dying to know if they had a future son in-law. It truly was a balancing act to “manage life” again, but I returned back to the big apple with a new mindset and outlook on life. Currently, I still have trouble navigating the various dating apps, finding time to exercise and staying away from Shake Shack, but I’m happily working on myself and trying to tackle those challenges head on. In the meantime, I have really focused on building Beautini, my onsite hair & makeup company that specializes in weddings and special events.

Growing a business without being able to Google answers to everything is pretty tough and can be very frustrating at times. However, I don’t think too many people can say that they have the privilege to be actively living their dream each day. I still have a ways to go before Beautini is at the level where I have dreamt it will be, but I couldn’t be prouder of my business and Beautini team. I’m so thankful that I am able to chase my dream with the support of family, friends and my Beautini babes.

Ultimately, I am very happy, healthy and lead a very fulfilling life. The romance side of things will happen when the time is right, and I am more than good with that. So, I hope you enjoy “The Weekly Lo-Down” – I’m very excited to share with you all!




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