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My Trip to East Hampton with Nomaterra Fragrances


You probably already know how much I love beauty products, hence me starting Beautini. However, for some reason I can never get myself to purchase a bottle of perfume. Growing up I’d see my mom receive perfume as gifts and I too started asking for a new scent for my birthdays. Perfume is a special gift because your smell becomes a part of your identity. It’s one of the first things that someone notices when they first meet you! I have tried to mix it up with collection of perfume as I’ve gotten older, but am often hesitant to try new scents. Fortunately, when Nomaterra gifted me with one of their perfumes, I transitioned into using this new amazing scent almost instantly!


Nomaterra Fragrances is a New York City-based company that creates beautiful, luxurious scents with natural and organic ingredients. Each scent is inspired by a unique location such as Miami, Boston, and Malibu.  I received my package of Nomaterra perfume as I was leaving for my train to East Hampton and funny enough the scent was named “East Hampton“!

The scent I’ve been wearing is inspired by the “refreshing breeze of wispy green grasses, salty ocean, and a sophisticated blend of weathered woods that embody washed up cedar from the Atlantic.”  The traces of white florals and a hint of honey-sweet pear creates the fresh yet woody blend of this scent. As the name entails, this scent is perfect for the windy nights of summer. The blend of citrus and wood creates an enticing scent and I wore it during my entire weekend out East! I am hoping to try the Malibu scent next but in the meantime can’t resist wearing this wherever I go.


Have you ever tried Nomaterra Fragrances? What’s you favorite scent? Let me know which one I should try next 🙂



B. Lo

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