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The Weekly Lo-Down: Not acting desperate when you are well… desperate!

Not acting desperate when you are well… desperate!

I had breakfast with a friend this past week and she was asking for business advice. As I was trying to think about how to answer it made me reflect on the start of Beautini…

After receiving a full time job with L’Oreal USA upon graduating Babson College, I realized that my real dream was to have my own beauty company and spent my senior year developing the concept for Beautini. Naturally my parents and family friends were supportive but also urged me to be realistic with my career decisions. I promised them and myself that if I could not secure funding by the time I was supposed to start L’Oreal then I would put my Beautini plans on hold.

The biggest takeaway that I learned from that situation which applies to many other areas of my life is: not acting desperate even when you may be desperate! Meaning, even though I had a deadline to raise money, I never let any signs of desperation show when pitching investors. Ultimately, I was able to secure investment from a few incredible people and they are essentially the reason why I am able to live my dream every single day.

Once I launched Beautini another early challenge was gaining the first group of clients. However, I learned that as much as you may think you need that client or gig, you’ll be just fine either way. The more confidence I have in myself and my company, the more clients and people are attracted to being a part of it. I find great similarities of this in dating, interviewing for a job, and much more.

Ultimately whether you are trying to pursue someone professionally, romantically or personally, not acting desperate but rather displaying genuine self-confidence has been one of the best things I learned. It’s okay to feel desperate at times, just don’t show it! Find a close friend to vent to in private, put a smile on, and continue to crush it!

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