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The Weekly Lo-Down: A Blessing in Disguise

Happy happy Monday! I know it has been a little bit since my last weekly post, my apologies! Wedding season makes it close impossible to get everything done on top of being a part of our weddings.

With Beautini growing so quickly I took the month of September to really hone in on what is working really well in our business and what needs improvement on. While doing so it is also so important that we make sure our current brides are happy and that our stylists are motivated. In the last month we have employed more hair stylists and makeup artists, restructured roles and have began to think about our next hires.

September was the peak of wedding season and it seemed like a ton of changes all occurred at the same time. Although it was overwhelming at times I have never learned so much in one month. Learning to manage people, understanding who is fit to help grow the company and motivating them towards a common goal was probably the trickiest part to figure out. The timing wasn’t ideal and change sometimes is hard to internalize but in hindsight everything that went on both good and bad has pushed myself and the company to move forward. The biggest learning lesson is that often situations arise as growing pains and are in fact blessings in disguise.

No one ever has control on who stays or leaves a company, how someone is intrinsically motivated or what makes you happy but learning that things may  change or don’t work out often are blessings in disguise and we must remember to continually think about the big picture.




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