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Happy Hump Day! Can you believe this week is almost over? It always seems like once the holidays are near, the days go by quicker and quicker.

Over the weekend I went to brunch with some former classmates that I haven’t seen in a while and decided to take a stroll afterwards. I was fortunate enough that I only needed my sweater during the day and that I could wear my new necklace from Charme Silkiner without covering it with a scarf or coat!

If you look at Charme Silkiner’s collection of jewelery you will cartainly want to purchase everything but what I really love about her line is how each piece is designed. Each piece stems from a story of a girl or muse and the jewelery helps bring her character to life. Each collection that she creates is correlated to a piece of her life as well whether it may be a stone used or a current style that she enjoys.

With this said, I am so excited to share that this week’s giveaway will be this Airlea necklace that retails for $110! Stay tuned for Friday’s post on more details on how to enter!












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