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The Lady Behind My Beloved Choker Necklaces #LadyLeader

I am so excited for this week’s Lady Leader because she’s not only a fellow entrepreneur that I admire but she always happens to be my cousin and best friend. This Lady Leader recently quit her job to work for a small jewelry brand, and when it didn’t work out she found the guts to take on growing and developing her own jewelry line full time and hasn’t looked back since.

If anyone wants to meet Maggie and see her jewelry she will be in Brooklyn at the American Field show this Saturday & Sunday 10AM-6PM!



Name: Maggie Antalek
Business/Side Hustle/Job: Ramblerose/ Freelance Designer
Instagram Handle:
Blog/Business Website:
“Strive to be better, but learn to be proud. I still have trouble following my own advice sometimes, but reminding myself of what has already been accomplished is just as important as striving to make it to the next level.”
-Maggie Antalek
What inspired you to start Ramblerose? 
While studying abroad in Florence, I took a fine jewelry making course, and simply fell in love. Although a part of me had wished I could study this craft for my degree, I decided to continue graphic design and pursue jewelry making in other mediums. Eventually, my exploration of materials brought me to begin Ramblerose, a handmade craft jewelry line using leathers, embroidery, and gemstones.
When did you know that this career path was your calling? 
I knew making jewelry was a passion for me only a month into the course I took in college. And it became clear I could make this passion into a career once I participated in my first outdoor craft show, in the spring of 2014. There was a thrill in seeing people impressed by what I was trying to do and what product I was making. I knew working a corporate 9-5 like I did at ’47 wouldn’t work for me for the long term. Maybe it’s my natural #ladyleader mindset, or maybe I just like to make my own schedule, or maybe it’s just because I’m more passionate about the brand I was trying to build, rather than the existing brand I was a part of there.
The best piece of advice you have ever received: 
Practice makes perfect- an oldie but a goodie. Although a very general statement, it’s something that holds very true for my career. The arts is not something that is just perfect for those talented in the field. Craft, creation, production all take a level of skill that is only achieved with lots of practice and repetition. Without the many hours of practice jewelry I have made, I would not have the products I have today.
Something practical every on-the-rise exec should own:
A great camera. I think everyone should have a way to record their journey to success, share their story with others, and inspire hard work ethic. In this day and age, there is nothing more important than creating great content, and there’s simply no point in recording unless it’s recorded well!
Style in Three Words: 
bold accessories, part-time bohemian, occasionally glam
Favorite Beauty Brand and why:
I hate to be biased, but Beautini! I’ve watched the brand grow from the very beginning, as well as its CEO. Brittany is my cousin, and her mission for making women feel their absolute best has been present our entire lives. Growing up, she made me feel beautiful every time she did my hair and makeup, and I know she will continue to make an impact on women everywhere with her company.
If I NEED to be unbiased, I guess my favorite beauty brand would be Benefit Cosmetics, because they have the cutest packaging!
Beauty Products you can’t live without:
Clinique redness solutions foundation, Kat Von D matte red lip for a bold pop
Power-Boosting Beauty Hack: 
Wear a sock bun & hairspray overnight for the best, soft curls!
Best Style/Beauty Decision I Ever Made:
Keeping my hair LONG and BLONDE. I’ve tried to make my bold color moves (brown & pink) and cut it short, but my long, blonde hair never fails me.
How do you incorporate your ‘personal brand’ into your career (ex: funky notebook, high-waisted pants, bright lips, etc.): 
My personal brand IS my career. I make all the jewelry I sell, I manage all my own social media, and I am the voice of Ramblerose. The followers of my brand have known who I was from the start, and all the jewelry I make is also jewelry I would (and do!) wear. On a regular basis I am wearing outfits that typically suit the brand image, and always wearing at least one of my own pieces at a time, which I do my best to showcase via social media.
Who are a few women that inspire you and why?
My mother- she’s a doctor, she hits the gym, she’s a great hostess and she still finds time to be a great mom. Seri Kertzner- Owner of Little Miss Party & one of my freelance clients. She works crazy hours, is a total supermom, and still finds time to go out dancing at the bars in NYC.
What motivates you the most? 
Seeing the reactions of my customers (new or recurring) to my work. Whether its in person at a show, or online when I release an image or new product, there’s no better feeling than work long hours to make a piece that impresses your audience.
Your #girlboss secrets to leading a efficient yet stylish lifestyle:
Online shopping has truly changed the game. I always keep my eye out for great deals on my favorite sites, and that saves me a lot of time. I’ve also learned style efficiency happens by having an organized closet and knowledge of what jewelry I have available to pair with my clothing.
Challenges as a successful lady boss:
I sometimes fear that not having gone to business school sets me back, I struggle with the technical aspects of running the business, but I am learning so much as I go. Other challenges are endless, but as a lady boss, we live and learn and manage and move forward.
How has your success affected your dating life? 
At this time last year, when I was working full time and managing the business, it wasn’t even an option. And now that I travel so much for clients, for Ramblerose, work crazy hours from home, I wouldn’t be meeting guys to date anyway. But I got lucky somewhere along the way, and someone I worked with at ’47 Brand was persistent about his feelings for me. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost a year, and although our dating life is unusual with my business and all the travel, we make it work. I wouldn’t have gotten through this last year and the daily entrepreneurial struggles without him.
Favorite activities to do or places to eat in your city: 
I love to eat just about anywhere, but I think one of my favorite meals ever was tapas at Barcelona in Brookline!
Talk about an impressive lady!!! I hope you enjoyed my chat with Maggie and I am looking forward to sharing my conversation with our next Lady Leader!
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