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My Weekly Lo-Down: Networking Successfully


Happy Monday! I am so sorry for my lack of posts last week, Beautini had a handful of big events before the holiday that I got caught up with. With that said, this led me to this week’s Weekly Lo-Down topic… networking!

Developing Beautini over the last year and a half I have learned how important relationships are to the success of an individual or a business. People like to do business with others that they genuinely like and have a mutually beneficial relationship with. Recently I have been to countless of networking events, some with colleagues or friends and others solo. Below are a few tips that I have learned that I hope you find helpful as well!


Think about when you go out, when you are with a friend or two you are a lot more confident to approach a stranger than if you were at a bar all alone. Going to networking events alone forces you to put yourself out there and I would never not go to an event because I couldn’t find someone to go with, but having a buddy by your side definitely makes it easier. Next time you have an event, invite someone you know that you think may find it interesting and bring them along!


When you see an attractive person you may be a little shy to walk right up to them and start chatting with them, right? Same thing may happen when you are at a networking event and you see someone important that you would love to connect with. To warm up and to get into your groove, start by talking with another person that may be standing in the corner secretly hoping to talk to someone as welll. If I can’t spot someone like that then I go by the food and start complimenting someone that I see. Then as I become more comfortable I work up the courage to go up to the people I truly want to connect with.


Whether we like to admit it or not, people love talking about themselves. If you are at an event and are trying to spark a conversation find something you like about them and use the compliment as an ice breaker. This can easily lead into you asking questions about that person and to establish an initial conversation. For me personally, I find that this can be a little odd applying this to men so in those cases I will find something that we can both relate to as a conversation starter. If I am by the bar I’ll ask them what they’re ordering or if it’s rainy I’ll bring up the weather, whatever you have to do until you find a deeper rooted connection to relate on. Whatever it is, don’t bring up politics or religion.


Nothing is worse than meeting someone that seems like all they want to do is take all that they can from you. As I mentioned in the beginning, it is important that people find your relationship with them mutually beneficial even if they aren’t looking at how you could help them out off the bat. The point is, people generally enjoy helping others but if they feel taken advantge of then it can be damaging. By simply saying “please let me know if I can ever be of help to you” it can go a long way. You may not see how you could help them now but you just never know in the future!


About a month ago I was at an event where a person walked away when I didn’t know who he was when I introduced myself. I was mortified and completely discouraged as I have been trying so hard to network in the wedding industry.My industry as every other has its cliques and it can be challegning to penetrate into but if you can’t be in a cirlce, just form your own! That next week I arranged drinks with a group of people in the industry that I thought would love to get to know eachother. It turned out to be an amazing night of learning from eachother and understanding that there’s others that have felt the same way as myself. Be proactive when it comes to networking and building your career and it can only help you.

Happy networking this week!



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