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My Weekly Lo-Down: People Want To Know!


Good morning! I hope you can relate when I say it was VERY hard getting up this morning… Time always seems to fly by during the holidays but hopefully you were able to cherish the time with family and friends on Thanksgiving this past Thursday!

The holiday season is a time where we see people that we perhaps haven’t seen since last year and it provides a time to reconnect with a vast array of people. Simple questions such as “how have you been?” and “what’s new with your career?” seem to be the never ending conversation topics. I feel like those two questions are tricky because answering is a balance between what you should say versus how you really feel. For example, I have been developing a new component of the business and it always makes me wonder how much I talk about it versus just waiting until it’s actually done.

This leads me to my Weekly Lo-Down topic about opening up and being vulnerable. Last month I was meeting with one of my highly accomplished mentors and she started to ask questions about the backbone of Beautini, our financials, equity positions, etc. I love how interested she is in our business but I couldn’t help to wonder how I should “properly” answer those questions. When I was at school we were taught by peers to not say too much about our business idea or else someone could take it. Realistically, very few people would have the time or interest to steal your idea but it made me realize that I still don’t know the happy medium of telling juicy details without saying too much in order to intrigue the person in learning more. My mentor saw me squirm for a moment before I responded and she simply stopped me and assured me that in order to fully help me she needs to fully understand the true colors of the business. One of my investors assured me that you cannot have someone fully commit to you and your business unless you open up and be vulnerable with them.

Having a business idea and sharing it with others or forming a professional relationship is very much like the beginning stages of dating. I have learned that I come off very outgoing but once the initial stage passes, I tend to be quite guarded until I know I can fully trust the person.  Equating this to my conversation with my mentor, I know I need to open up, share intimate details about the business and personal life while staying true to myself.

People are attracted to other people that they feel invested in. If you allow someone into your world it gives them more opportunity to learn about you and to ultimately become your cheerleader! Whether you are meeting with someone to learn more about their role at a company or you want someone’s advice or help, try opening up a bit more about your background and thoughts and see if you make more headway with that relationship than usual. Keep me posted!




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