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Where Does My Veil Go?

Wearing a veil is one of the details that often gets overlooked until the day of the wedding. Luckily, if you forget to discuss the placement of the veil with your hairstylist, you can easily figure it out the morning of. Depending on the hairstyle, there are a few different ways to properly wear a veil. Check out my suggestions below:  


6f2042e9-5c3d-419a-b08a-ab20c09ea829-rs_768Photo by Votive Photography

The most common way to wear a veil with an updo is to position it right above where a majority of the hair is gathered. The hair do will give the veil security, especially if you are planning to wear a cathedral length veil or one made of a heavier fabric. The other option is to secure it underneath the updo, right above the base of the neck. This works for something lighter weight, like tulle, and allows for the veil to drape nicely as long as you do not have a blusher (a veil that covers the face).


24d8bb5e-2b0c-4f79-ae32-ba0110a33d71-rs_768Photo by Josh Elliot Photography

For a half up, half down hairstyle, position the veil right above where your hair intersects in the back to give the comb some security and hides the comb’s teeth. If you opt to incorporate a hair accessory or decorative comb, this can be either above or underneath your veil depending on what you feel looks best.  


1e557ad8-2904-44a4-8791-3f0a36c246d5-rs_768Photo by Flavio D Photography

If you decide to wear your hair all down, tease a section of your hair where you want the veil. The teased area will, ideally at the crown of the head, not too high and not too low, will keep the comb in place. Look in the mirror while working with your hairstylist to find this sweet spot for the veil.


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If needed, fasten the veil by pinning it down with a few bobby pins in an “X” position. The bobby pins perpendicular to the teeth of the comb will create extra hold to ensure that your veil stays put. Before your hairstylist leaves, ask her to show your bridesmaid or mother how to carefully remove it for you after the ceremony. Essentially, you will want someone to gently wiggle the comb out of your hair with two hands so it doesn’t mess up your hair.

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