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The #LadyLeader at Beautini




Name: Irene Koronios

Business/Job: Sales Executive & Lead Makeup Artist at Beautini

Instagram Handle: @irinibeautini

I’m so excited to have our First Lady leader of 2017 be our very own Irene Koronios from Beautini! Almost two years ago I got a inquiry from a makeup artist to work one of our first Beautini events… fast forward a year later Irene transitioned from one of Beautini’s freelance makeup artists to my very first full-time hire. She has been by my side since Feb 2016 helping me grow my business and I honestly could not have gotten where we are today without her. I hope you are inspired by her as much as I am after reading her interview!


What inspired you to join the company you are at or to start your own venture? What made you take the leap/how did you get to where you are today?

I’ve dreamed of working at a company like Beautini for years. I’ve always wanted to create a platform for talented artists to be able to work and create without it just being some sort of hobby or part time gig. I have worked with some of the biggest celebrities and on major network TV sets, such as NBC, CNN and ABC, but once I met Brittany I knew this was an opportunity I could not pass up. I think a huge part of taking control of what you want in life is learning to let go.  I had an opportunity presented to me and I took a chance. Nothing great happens inside your comfort zone.

When did you know that this job/career was for you or realized a past job wasn’t working for you?

I think the moment I realized that this career move was for me was when I met Brittany. I answered her Craigslist ad while I was at home being “safe.” I had this moment of “okay I think I’m going to jump without a safety net.” Without anything but a gut feeling to go on, I decided to quit my job and figure it out. In that same week I answered an ad to become a freelancer for this company, and I met with Brittany! The rest is history.

Word of advice for anyone looking to pursue a similar career:

Being in business and being polite don’t always match. You can be fair, but for me being polite is not always being fair to myself. I’m learning that you need to keep your core values in mind always and do not settle for anything less than what you want in life. In life or in business it is necessary to follow your intuitionwork hard and be the best you can be. That is when the good stuff happens and no one can ever take that away from you.


Style in Three Words:

MY style in three words is always be yourself. So cliché, but I meet too many people who move to the city and want to be someone else to fit in. I believe you should be yourself and do what makes you happy no matter where you are or who you are with. Style isn’t about wearing clothes that are trendy. Style is being yourself without any explanation and feeling great about it.

Favorite beauty brand:

My favorite beauty brand, of course, is Beautini. We have created this brand to be everything we love in makeup and hair. We work closely with our artists so they can capture exactly what our clients want but cannot execute themselves. Also the pampering, champagne and silk robes definitely don’t hurt!

 Power-Boosting Beauty Hack:

Always take care of your skin. Always have mascara. And never leave the house without chapstick. THE END!

 What makes you feel like a total girl boss in the morning?

I love getting to come to work with a purpose. Yes, we are selling our brand and providing a service, but we are also helping women be the best version of themselves. I need to make sure I get up everyday and feel confident about myself and empowered so I can go out in the world and make each and every one of our clients feel the same way. 

What motivates me is not the sale but the success of having a client leave Beautini feeling like an absolute boss.

 Best Style/Beauty Decision I Ever Made:

Being okay with how I like my makeup. I don’t worry about what the bloggers say nor do I care about a makeup tutorial with 57 products. I’m all about my simple skin routine and three-step makeup routine. 



Who are a few women that inspire you and why?

One of my biggest inspirations is, of course, my mother.  When I was young, she worked for CHANEL and brought home the BEST products. She taught me so much about the beauty of me – more about how the makeup benefits from me not the other way around. (I have beautiful high cheekbones and that’s why the blush looks so good on me.) I just love that about her.

Brittany is also huge inspiration. I just adore her work ethic and how she took a chance at life. She is a true girl boss who actually puts in the time to make her dream come true. She does not rely on a get rich quick plan. She actually puts in the work to maker her dream a reality. 

Also, I am deeply inspired by all of the women fighting for their lives. I work with many cancer victims, homeless women, and women who have recently been released from prison. They all share some sort of pain and that is real to me. At the end of the day they want to look good and feel better about themselves. I  admire how hard they work to move forward despite their obstacles. I enjoy working with them to achieve those goals so they can go out in the world and be the best that they can be.

 What motivates you the most?

Knowing that I have the ability to help others make their dreams come true. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a brides face on her wedding morning when she’s all made up and feeling beautiful. I feel the same about helping women you are having troubles in their lives. I’ll never forget the first time I worked with a cancer victim. She was just a 13 year old child. Her family was having a benefit dinner to help pay for her treatments. We had so much fun dressing her up and making her feel so special and beautiful. That motivates me. That happiness I can bring to others.

Challenges as a successful lady boss:

The challenges I find are constantly being on top of it all. In business, you need to be your best and sometimes that gets taxing. But you learn to make it more of a life style instead of constantly forcing yourself to be something that you are not. 

How has your success affected your dating life?

My success has taught me to find someone who allows me to live the life I want. My fiancé and I do our best to make sure that the time we spend together isn’t on the phone or discussing drama or work.  We try to spend as much quality time together as possible.  I don’t believe when you are with someone you need to be only about each other. I think that you need to both live your life and share the journey together without living for one another. I’ve learned to just let the person I love add to my motivation in life.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years:

I see myself at Beautini, continuing to create a brand that makes people feel empowered, creative and beautiful all at the same time.

The best piece of advice you have ever received:

“Stop telling your big dreams to small minded people”

Favorite activities to do or places to eat in your city:

My favorite place to eat is Johns on 19th street in NYC. It has been there for over 100 years it is intimate and romantic. My fiancé and I go there for every special occasion we celebrate 🙂  



B. Lo

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