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My Weekly Lo-Down: The 10 Commandments For A Fulfilling 2017

Ah I cannot believe this month is almost over and my birthday week is finally here. YESS! This week’s Lo-Down post is a list of my 2017 personal goals & resolutions. Have you made your list yet?

My mantra last year was “why not?” 2016 was the year for me to truly step out of my comfort zone in many different aspects of my life and understanding that this is my time to take risks. An older gentleman told me a few years ago that “you either have to take big risks when you are young and don’t have much to loose or after your children have grown up.” Considering I don’t even have a boyfriend let alone children, now seemed to make more sense.  This past year Beautini became a top wedding vendor in the country,  I dated on national television, traveled to some beautiful places with my besties, started my blog and took time to explore and discover the little things around me as well.

I started a lot of new things last year that sometimes take time to grow so 2017 is all about remembering to think, “you can do it” and to see how far I can go. For example, can I monetize my blog & Instagram where it turns into a brand of it own? Will I seek love in another crazy way? Can I truly grow Beautini into a big, successful company that I hope it’ll become? These goals may not all be fully accomplished by the end of this year but I will at least be able to see if it’s on the right track. 2018 will be about understanding what has worked and letting go of what is not working and being happy where my life is.

By reflecting on the past year and the year ahead of us I made a list of things I wanted to improve upon or to focus on in order to remain focused on the most important parts of life. Do you have any similar goals?


  1. Be open to love and be vulnerable– I have been told I come off guarded so I am trying to be more open this year and to embrace love if it presents itself.
  2.  Selfishness is OK– We are at a age where we still may not have children and a family that depends on our every move so it’s time to fight for what we want! Don’t regret anything later because you didn’t get to do it now.
  3. Remember people’s names- I am the worst at this…
  4. Stop caring so much about what people think– So many times I try to be respectful of the people around me that it’s to a default. And to remember there’s more to us than the kind of shoes we wear, just enjoy being you.
  5. Get your $h!t together- Prioritize getting organized. There’s a sense of relief when everything is put away but to take the time to find a place for every little thing in your home can be overwhelming but I’m quickly learning that it’s worth it!
  6. Make people feel good about themselves & acknowledge how I feel about a person- If you think another woman is beautiful, let her know! Boosting her confidence, doesn’t affect yours one bit. Think about how that could positively affect a person’s life or simply make their day.
  7. Family first- Family may not do everything the way you want but embrace being different because at the end of it all, family is all that you have!
  8. Know your self-worth– Don’t settle for something that is convenient. Keep searching until you find someone that truly deserves you.
  9. Be your own cheerleader– Speak up! You are your own biggest critic but also your biggest cheerleader. GO YOU! You can get through hard or uncomfortable situations if you believe in yourself.
  10. Do things differently, go against the grain!– I have always had a tendency to push boundaries or to stray from the norm in regards to my career path, dating choices, eating habits, etc. Doing things different from others is what creates the person who you are and you never know who you may meet or what opportunities may arise but trying out something new.

And I am off to bed, I will speak with ya soon!




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