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10 Quick Tricks To Achieving A More Organized Room


A few weeks ago Jamie from Horderly, a Manhattan-based organizational service company, reached out about helping me organize a part of my apartment. Naturally this was a NO BRAINER and I invited Jamie come over a few days later. This is a little difficult for me to admit but…. I am little bit of  a clutter bug. I love to shop but hate to get rid of any clothes or really anything so I was more than thrilled to have Jamie help me through this somewhat emotional process.

We decided to clean out one of my closets and below are some quick tips to jump start your closet!

1. Find ways to neatly line up your bags and clutches- For my closet Jamie used the 5 Section Premium Acrylic Collator from The Container Store to stand slim clutches.
2. Hide larger handbags by hanging them on large hook or back of door hooks- Make sure they are not too heavy so that handles aren’t damaged. Should be empty when not in use.
3. Create a “valet drawer.” This is where you keep all of your items that you may need in a rush and tend to use often. Another word for this draw that I like to call it is a junk drawer, but then Jamie reminded me that nothing I keep should be considered “junk.” Whoops.
4. Create categories (& make sure every item can be included in one of these categories!)- Some of the categories I have include electronics (phone chargers, camera, headphones), makeup, nails, body care, stationary, mementos, etc. Especially if you choose to use boxes or bins make sure they each are for a specific category and that you remember what one is used for what. Jamie beautifully labeled my drawers to help show the different categories.
5. Avoid redundancy – No need put an item in a bag then in a container (i.e. nail polish in bag in drawer) unless separating 2 specific items in one container (i.e. 10 chargers in the electronics drawer – this is okay).
6. File fold clothes, YouTube Tutorial (sorry it’s a little cheesy)- This saves a lot of room in your drawers!
7. Pretty items can be displayed (i.e. perfumes, sunglasses, shoe boxes)- As long as you are mindful of it not looking messy then this is a nice way to add character to your room. For the shoe boxes feel free to fill those up with small category items such as mementos or stationary!
8. Use the “1 in 1 out” rule – When you buy a new item consider getting rid of an old one. This avoids your room from becoming overly cluttered again.
9. Put items into home base- Taking the time to put items back into their proper “home” saves you time/money in the end. This way you will always know where everything is and will know if you truly need to buy something.
10. Understand your natural tendencies when organizing- Do you naturally keep things tidy or do you tend to throw your clothes everywhere during the work week? This will help you decide if pretty clear storage pieces or non see through items would work best for you. In my case, I knew I wouldn’t take the time to make sure things look “pretty” when rushing to work so I opted for storing units that were tinted instead.
Using all of these tips, Jamie was able to transform my closet in matter of hours. See below for the before and after of my closet!!!
                                         BEFORE                                                                                                          AFTER
I cannot thank Jamie and Horderly enough for helping me organize this massive closet! If you would like to hire Horderly for your organizational needs feel free to contact Jamie here!
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