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Kara + Frank’s Seaside Proposal

I always love hearing all of the crazy, beautiful, wonderful proposal stories that my friends and Beautini brides pass along.  It seems like proposals have gotten more and more elaborate… grander declarations of love that showcase the personality of the couple, and I couldn’t love that more.  In the interest of sharing these stories with my lovely readers, I’ve decided to host a five part series, featuring some of the most beautiful proposal stories that I have heard.

I ALSO learned about my second feature through my blog manager, Abby. She grew up with Kara in Upstate New York, and when I mentioned doing this series to her, she IMMEDIATELY told me all about this story.  Kara and Frank got engaged while standing on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland… how romantic is that?!



Name & your Hubby’s Name:
Kara O’Rourke + Frank O’Rourke

Instagram Handle:

City where you guys live:
Coxsackie, NY (I know, I know..)

Engagement Spot:
Cliffs of Moher

How long had you been together?:
Frank and I were together 6 years when he proposed

How did you guys meet?:
We met during a college audition for a play called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. We were slated to audition together as King and Queen..I got the part..Frank ended up with a comedic role instead 🙂

Engagement details:
Frank took his mom, dad, and sister out ring shopping in NYC in January 2014 – Towards the beginning of February, Frank approached me about feeling the need to travel, and that had never been out of the country, so we decided on Ireland. Once we booked the tickets, we walked around the block from our Brooklyn Apartment and bought 2 pints of Guinness from the local pub. I remember all of my friends telling me that they thought he would propose there and I laughed at them. Embarrassingly, I said, “I KNOW Frank – he’s a chicken and there is no way in the world that that boy would fly with a diamond ring!” Little do I know, eh?

We flew out of JFK on May 16 and Landed in Dublin at 6am their time. The weather was cool and sweet..just dreamy. We rented a car and made our trek from the East to the West..Frank drove and it was hysterical..and terrifying! On May 20th, we ended up in Galway, stayed at this fabulous hotel, and made the trek to the Cliffs that following morning. May 21st, I remember him picking out his outfit and asking me if he looked alright..of course he did 🙂 When we arrived, we decided to walk towards the left, and didn’t feel like going towards the tower. It was pretty crowded, and costed more 😉  I remember him taking out his video camera, and fidgeting a lot..going into his backpack for water, and then searching for a good spot for us to ‘perch and picnic.’ We searched for a LONG time..finally, we basically got to the end of the cliffs, where there were limited amounts of people, and we stared out into the was so incredible.

I remember saying to him that my brain can’t comprehend that what I’m seeing is real. It was too beautiful to grasp, all I could rationalize was thinking that I was looking at a scene from a movie, and this couldn’t be my life right now. After some silent moments, we decided to take a few ‘selfies’ when Frank said, “Why don’t I ask a couple to take a picture of us?” To which I replied, “WHO? There’s barely anyone here??” Haha. Eventually, Frank found a trustworthy looking couple and he handed off his camera. Thats when Frank decided to start rummaging through his backpack..Under my breath I started growling at Frank —  ummm thats rude, go through your backpack AFTER the picture — and thats when I saw the black velvet box, and I quickly shut up.

Frank went down on one knee and asked me the question I had waited to hear for the longest time.. “Kara Elizabeth, will you marry me?” Initially, I think I swore quite a bit, and after finally grasping what had just happened, I uttered a breathy and tearful, ‘YES!’

The couple kindly congratulated us, the woman crying, and then they FLED. They let us relish in our special was just us and this beautiful landscape. I was blissfully in love and finally engaged to the love of my life. Frank did such a wonderful job – never once showed a sense of nervousness. AND, that ring was in his backpack the entire time we were traveling! Can you believe that? I had been in and out of that thing so many times, and not once did he flinch. He told me afterwards that he wasn’t nervous..just really excited. Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel, where we had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered to our room. It was truly the most magical time of our lives.

When was the wedding?:
September 12, 2015

Did anyone help with pulling off the proposal/how did they help?:
No one helped, per se – but the ENTIRE family knew.. of course

Ring details:
Round cut, solitaire with pave band

Engagement: A cute tourist couple..
Wedding: The ever enchanting and incredibly talented, Fabrice Tranzer



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