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The #LadyLeader Behind Publyssity




Name: Alyssa Amoroso

Business/Side Hustle/Job: Full time Publicist & Blogger/Social Influencer

Instagram Handle: @publyssity

This weeks #LadyLeader is the lovely and talented Alyssa Amoroso, the lady behind the Publyssity Instagram and Blog. I find Alyssa’s story to be extremely inspiring, with the progression of her career and how she has been able to combine her work ethic, experience and creativity to create her side hustle, and manages to juggle that AND a full-time job. Get ready to be inspired!


What inspired you to join the company you are at or to start your own venture? What made you take the leap/how did you get to where you are today?
I’ve always known that I wanted to be in a creative field since I have a passion for strategic thinking and exercising my imagination. I knew the path to finding where you’re “supposed to be” could be a vigorous one, so I started chasing my dreams early on in college. I interned just about everywhere (from Elle Magazine to legendary PR house Lizzie Grubman PR) and got a taste of all of the industries I has an interest in including fashion, entertainment, writing and public relations. Eventually, I decided to pursue public relations, which is an industry that I can honestly say I love.

When I first started out, I had tons of entertainment and talent clients (from DJ Khaled to Tyga to working The Playboy Super Bowl Party) and while those moments were glamorous and fun, the hours were grueling and the pay was low. I finally hit my limit and made the switch to consumer PR, which is much more challenging, yet rewarding. When I made the switch, I lost some of that creativity I loved so much. That’s when I decided to begin my blog, Publyssity, which serves as my creative outlet.

When did you know that this job/career was for you or realized a past job wasn’t working for you?
I knew that it was time to start my blog because while I was working on amazing, world-renowned brands, they didn’t directly relate to my interests or lifestyle. For me, pop culture, fashion, art and beauty are such a big part of my everyday interests, that I knew I needed to still pursue them somewhere. Since starting my blog, it’s actually helped me enjoy my real work at my day job more. I’m able to focus on the task at hand during the day, and then get my fashion fix at night.

Unofficial Work Motto:
Persistence is key (without being too annoying of course). I’ve gone after everything I’ve ever wanted in my career and it’s gotten me far. Sometimes people are shocked when I tell them I went straight to the CEO of a company I want to collaborate with, but I tell them, “Hey, if they’re willing to answer me, I’m willing to reach out.”

Word of advice for anyone looking to pursue a similar career:
Know what you’re getting into! Most people look at those in the PR or blogging industries and see straight glamour. What people don’t realize is how much hard work goes into both fields. As a publicist, you don’t just need to be a people person (common misconception). You need to be a superb writer, able to multitask, have a sense of urgency to everything you do and be extremely resourceful. As a blogger, you need to be able to be your own company – that means you’re the CEO, the CFO, the social media manager, the blog coordinator, the photographer and the list goes on.

Something practical every on-the-rise exec should do:
Keeping your calendar up-to-date is key. Also, keep a log of your expenses.


Style in Three Words:
Monochromatic, Black, Risky

Favorite Beauty Brand and why:
I have SO many! This is a tough one. I’ve been really loving my Milk Makeup tinted moisturized because the packaging is killer and the product is even better.

Beauty Products you can’t live without:
Concealer, bronzer and mascara.

Power-Boosting Beauty Hack:
Refresh with a little blush, an extra coat of mascara and a tad of lip-gloss.

What makes you feel like a total girl boss in the morning?
Shooting with my photographer before work! I get into work, hair and makeup done, feeling accomplished and ready to take the day.

Best Style/Beauty Decision I Ever Made:
Balayaging my hair!


Who are a few women that inspire you and why?
I’m really inspired by a lot of my bosses because they seriously kill it. I also really look up to a lot of the other bloggers I’ve met. All of them, like me, have full time jobs and blog on the side. It’s so interesting and impressive to hear how everyone balances it all.

What motivates you the most?
I love conquering a goal and proving to myself that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

Your #girlboss secrets to leading a efficient yet stylish lifestyle:
Opt to a sporty/chic look – pair sneakers with cute pants and a leather bomber coat.

How do you incorporate your ‘personal brand’ into your career:
I think my desk speaks for itself – it looks like a beauty counter!

Challenges as a successful lady boss:
Finding the time to do it all and striking the balance between work/blog life.

How has your success affected your dating life (work life balance):
What dating life?! Ha! I’m semi-kidding, but it definitely is challenging to find time to go on dates when you’re running to events after work. That said, I’m pretty good at making time for “me” and never have a problem sitting an event out.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years:
I’d love to be blogging full time and hopefully a bit more settled down personally.

The best piece of advice you have ever received:
You’ll never know unless you ask

Favorite activities to do or places to eat in your city:
Brunch is obviously a NYC favorite – I recently went to Union Fare and couldn’t recommend it more!





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