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My Weekly Lo-Down: The Year of Unexpectedness


The concept of this post stems from a rather funny conversation I had with a drunken woman on the streets of Nashville on my birthday. As you could tell from my Instagram, I LOVE my birthday so naturally I wanted to wear a birthday crown. That Saturday I was walking to a bar with my crown when a woman wishes me “happy birthday!” and then proceeds to ask how old I was turning. I energetically responded and then her jaw dropped and told me “THAT WAS THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE! GOOD LUCK.” I don’t think I ever was given a “happy birthday wish” quite like that before but I did appreciate her honesty I suppose.

Anyways, this week I thought about this wonderful one liner and have to admit 2017 has already been the most challenging year by far. And I wouldn’t say this because something happened personally or professionally that was detrimental but rather there have been multiple unexpected challenges that have come my way already and it’s only February…

A state of uncomfortableness is like experiencing growing pains, it’s a shitty feeling on your way to something great. From figuring out the next steps with Beautini, my blog, my dating life upon much more, I already have been pushed to a new level of uncomfortability. You know those times when you know you’re not going to marry a person but you still want to stay with them for now? Or when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel but you currently are surrounded by darkness? Or you feel like you just cannot keep everyone else happy while staying sane? I have been going through a whirlwind of similar situations lately in different capacities. Recently, I have wanted to crawl up in a bawl and cry my heart out and have questioned my life goals despite everything actually being totally fine.

Sometimes we are forced to deal with situations sooner than we expected but remember that it’s a sign from the universe pushing us to take that step. For example, maybe you got laid off recently and it sucks but ultimately you wanted to be in a completely different industry all along, this is your push to make that happen now! If we are always comfortable in how things were going in life I think we would get a lot less done and not realize our full potential. I hate change, especially when I cannot plan for it. However, when we have to adapt and grow with the changes, that’s when we tend to work our hardest to figure it all out.

It’s never easy trying to convince yourself you are better off but you can always find truth in that. The best way to embrace unexpectedness is to keep remembering that you will be JUST fine. No one or nothing makes or breaks you, it’s how you choose to let these different experiences effect you that does. The start of every new year brings upon these worries in people including myself but I hope you hang in there with me but we are going to be “JUST fine!”




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