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My Favorite NYC Spot for Facials


As a beauty junkie, I am always trying new makeup products, different shades, and am quite adventurous in trying new brands. However, when it comes to my skin, I have a hard time deviating from my usual skin care routine. I have tried out a few facials in the past but have always left with my skin worst than when I came into to the spa.

However, a lot of our Beautini brides have been asking us for facial recommendations and I feel a little awkward because I can’t personally recommend someone. Until NOW!

Adriana from Bare & Pure insisted that she knew the best facialist and that I needed to go in for a facial. Months went by and I never contacted her. Then I met her in person and decided to revisit the idea of facials, and now I am OBSESSED!!!

Ashley from Parlor De Witte is a former Whilmenia model and takes a very natural approach to her skin treatments. Ashley has worked at top spas including Joanna Vargas before branching off to start Parlor De Witte. When I walked into her office, her skin was glowing so I already felt like I was in good hands. She first started by analyzing my skin and talking me through the process of receiving a facial from her.

Ashley began by basically vacuuming my face with a diamond tipped microdermabrasion to even out my skin and then graciously went through her steps and techniques which put me to sleep very quickly. Steps include her using micro current technology to flush out toxins and slim my face and LED light therapy that increases circulation and cellular rejuvenation. Her techniques are so gentle and graceful that she easily put me and my anxious self at ease. On top of this being a top quality job, she also almost spent THREE hours on my face!!!! I left feeling like a whole new person and woke up to glowing skin without any blemishes. As the days went on I felt like my skin got better and better.

Needless to say, I was back one week later for another facial.

Thank you Ashley for changing my entire perception on facials! If you would like to learn more about her incredible services click here.




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