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My Weekly Lo-Down: Beautini Turns 2!


Today is a birthday that I feel almost more excited to celebrate than my own! It’s Beautini’s second birthday!! Two years ago I became full time with growing Beautini and making this dream of mine a reality.

I have to admit I am someone who tends to put a lot of pressure on myself and never gets too excited about a certain accomplishment knowing that there’s always more to be done.  However, today I am so happy to have a day to celebrate every single person that has believed in me and Beautini’s mission and continues to do so. These two years have been the happiest, yet most challenging years of my life. There have been so many times that I felt like I could not do something or there would be no solution for a situation, yet two years later- I am still kicking at the Beautini office! hehe.

Having a friend or peer who is an entrepreneur can sometimes be difficult. Our schedules are all over the place, we always need extra help at events and we tend to be more emotionally attached to our jobs. I always say that I am a hard friend to have because when friends visit me they never get a full weekend with me unless they join me at the office or I have silly things to vent about that a normal person wouldn’t even be worrying about. With this said, I feel like my journey with Beautini has also allowed me to see how incredible my friendships and relationships are.

Starting Beautini was a big risk for me but was a little challenging for my parents, family and others to embrace knowing that there’s always a big chance of failure. However, they have been my backbone throughout this entire process and I am so thankful for that. An even bigger risk is actually investing in me. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to know that there are people on this earth who believe in me so much that they are willing to bet money on my success. These mentors of mine have become more like extended family members within these last years, knowing the most intimate details about the business and my journey. I am forever honored to be able to work with people like this.

Thank you to every person who has direct messaged me on Instagram, who comments on my Facebook status when I ask for help or to like a link, who takes a few minutes to say how they love watching my journey, who shares the Beautini mission with others, and is just simply there! Naturally my closest friends, family, and mentors have a significant impact on myself and this journey but those of you who I may not talk to often but are there ready to help when I need it are just as amazing. Today we celebrate the many friends, learning lessons, and milestones that have been created and accomplished over the last two years and I wish for many more years of this to come!




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