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My Weekly Low-Down: Decluttering Your Life


Hi guys! I know I have been bad at posting lately but I am excited to be back into the groove of everything.

Running a business while having a healthy personal life sometimes can be hard to balance and recently I felt the need the need to declutter my life and here are a few things that I tried that worked really well.

1. Fresh Start to Grocery Shopping:

Clear out your fridge and shop for healthy whole foods so you can start your week off right! Nothing like good ‘ol meal prepping.

2. Pamper Yourself:

There’s never a better time to self-indulge than now. A part of transitioning into a new chapter or mindset is getting rid of the old and starting fresh. I recently got a facial from Parlour De Witte to exfoliate my skin and I walked away feeling revived. Whether it’s a massage, a new trim, or treating yourself to a manicure- I swear you will feel the positive impact!

3. Redecorate & Organize!:

I noticed I kept coming into work and feeling unfocused even though it’s been extremely busy. I realized that it was the clutter around me that was enabling me from coming into work and staying focused. I decided to take on a fun decorating project with the huge help from Abby to paint, buy new furniture and change the total vibe of our back office. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product soon!

Granted you may not be able to walk into work and flip the entire office upside down but even if you spend time to re-organize and decorate your bedroom or apartment, you will still get that fulfilling feeling of being organized and re-energized!

4. Adventure with a new friend: 

A part of decluttering your life I believe is to deviate from your accustomed routines. I met this amazing blogger via Instagram recently and we kept saying we needed to meet up again. Last weekend I was trying to think about fun things to do and I asked her to come over and to go out together and I seriously had the BEST night with her. It’s always nice to have your go to girls but also be open to expanding that group because good friends are always great to have.

5. Don’t Fret The Clutter:

Clutter is called clutter for a reason and comes in all different forms. Whether it’s a bunch unnecessary clothes, stacks of paper or negative vibes, it all distracts us from seeing our vision. Reflect on what clutter is giving you anxiety and remove it from your life and replace it with positivity. Change is not always fun at first but it truly can be for the best so don’t fret the clutter 🙂

Ultimately these tips aren’t ways to self-pity yourself if you are having a bad day but rather it’s a  way to refresh and recharge on life!




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