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The Lo-Down Episode #4

Recently I filmed and posted a Lo-Down episode on my YouTube channel. In this video I showed you all a typical day in my life as a social media influencer. Although my tasks change on a daily basis, since I always have things related to both Beautini and my personal brand/blog to keep up with, my days usually look something like this. I typically like to have an early, productive start to my morning, as shown by the photoshoot that I had with my amazing photographer in this video. Then, I usually head over to the office to meet up with my interns and employees and get some work done! Together, we collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other for new blog and Instagram content, as well as potential new YouTube videos. I love having college interns because they can really give me a good insight as to what my younger viewers like to see. I hope that you all enjoy watching this video of a typical day in my life. It is always really fun for me to share a bit of myself with you through these videos! Leave a comment below letting me know what else you would like to see for my Lo-Down YouTube videos.




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