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I’m a beauty industry marketeer turned entrepreneur that believes in empowering women and the power of love. With my beauty service company, Beautini, I work with countless of women and brides on a daily basis and I realized that many of my clients were asking similar questions and were having a hard time finding sources to use when finding beauty and bridal tips to use for arguably the most important day of their life! Whether you are curious about starting and operating a business, finding beauty products that will work best for you or just need advice during the wedding process, I am your girl. All my posts come from my personal experiences and recommendations based on providing beauty services to a diverse array of women and managing the getting ready portion of bride’s weddings. I live, sleep, and breathe:



These three topics are my focus. I am not married, but I write posts from my experience as an “undercover bride” and from my experience with working with brides and vendors in the wedding industry. Beautini’s specialty is natural beauty and working with brides and their bridal parties, so these three topics align pretty naturally.


Since I was about two years old I have been fascinated with the concept of beauty. Growing up, when friends would head to the movies I would spend the 2-3 hours in Sephora or Macy’s just to watch the beauty counter workers apply makeup on clients.  Through a combination of practicing on myself and anyone else I could get my hands on, I learned the art of applying makeup, and started doing makeup for proms, sorority formals, and now weddings! By working with women of all different ages, skin tones, and ethnicities I have self-taught myself how to apply makeup to a diverse range of clients, and have figured out what works best to give you my own tried and true beauty tips.


I am a hopeless romantic by heart but a businesswoman by nature. From lemonade stands in elementary school to dance shows in middle school and a cosmetic company in high school, I’d like to think that business is in my blood. I went to Babson College to learn how to run a successful business, but ended up landing a corporate job with L’Oreal USA. I realized that although that job was an incredible opportunity, it was steering me away from my lifelong dream of starting my own beauty company, so I quit my job, raised investment, moved to Manhattan and became full-time CEO for Beautini! Being an entrepreneur definitely has its ups and downs, so whether you are also an entrepreneur, have a “side hustle”, or are simply interested in business, I am here for you! I write about my personal experiences with starting and running Beautini to shed light on the entrepreneurial journey. Starting a business isn’t as glamorous or easy as the media perceives it to be but waking up and doing what you love makes it all worth it.


I’ve dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl. My husband, wedding gown, hairstyle… everything! I have yet to find my Prince Charming, but fortunately I have the opportunity to be a part of many weddings. By working with many brides at Beautini, I often get asked many beauty related questions and ones regarding to the wedding planning process overall. Through working with my clients I’ve realized how hard it can be for brides to find answers to their beauty and bridal questions from trusted sources, and I want to change that. I also see how difficult and time consuming it is to plan and coordinate a wedding, especially when some brides-to-be have never been to a wedding before! To help guide brides throughout this process, I go undercover as a bride-to-be and work with different vendors and experience the different steps to planning a wedding. By providing my personal insight on the process, I hope to alleviate some work and stress from brides (as much as possible)!

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If you have any questions about beauty, business, or anything at all you can contact me directly at Whether I post about your question or we chat offline, I am more than happy to share my thoughts and advice! You can also contact me here!

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